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Is Your Horse a Rock Star ?
Understanding Your Horse's Personality

Is A Horse is a Horse of Course


People unfamiliar with the equestrian world might assume that “a horse is a horse, of course.” But people who work or share their lives with horses, are well aware that like people, each horse has his or her own unique personality.

Is your horse a Rock Star? A Wall Flower? A Prize Fighter? A Steady Eddy? By combining the eight personality traits – Dominant or Submissive, Energetic or Lazy, Curious or Afraid, Friendly or Aloof – you will learn which of the sixteen possible horse personalities you are working with.

Are you looking for the ideal equine match? Do you want to know how to improve your partnership with a difficult mount? Are you wondering what makes a particular horse tick? Or do you just want to explore a new and informative approach to understanding horses? Fortunately, with the publication of this book, horse professionals and horse lovers everywhere now have an exceptional and light-hearted guide to help them better understand individual horses, their needs, what motivates them, what activities best suit them, how to approach their training, exercise, and even their retirement.


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New Author ~ New Book

Morning Star and the Wild Horses by B.Couban


New author, new book, at Horse Personalities Inc! It's an illustrated children's book called Morning Star and the Wild Horses, by B. Couban. Follow Star and Indyana on their adventures and see what they discover as they learn to listen with their hearts. This is the first of a 3-book series and is available now.


Indyana and the Horse Girls

Star and Indyana's adventures continue!
Join Star, Indy and Bright as they make new friends
and learn to connect across time and space.

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